Vehicles Day

Beat the heat with this list of 20 Water Play Areas in Singapore! Have a splashing fun time!

Quite pleased with this post, because I got help from quite a few mums, who contributed photos and a short write-up for each water play area. I only reviewed one! So tempted to head out to explore the other water play areas in this post soon.

Someone is getting vain! Insisted on wearing his sunglasses in the lift, and even posed happily for this photo. Haha. 😎

We visited the LTA Transport Gallery this morning! We didn't book the guided tour, and had to wait around until the tour group of delegates from dunno where were done with their tour, before we could enter. Luckily, N was quite a good boy, and walked around the area with me while we waited.

The staff was very kind, and played this video for N to watch, so that he could participate in the quiz, and win a small goodie bag. This is only for the Children's Season, which ends on the 27th of June, if I'm not wrong.

The different mascots.

Answering questions about the mascots.

He had to match the mascots with their specific characteristics. Think the guy doesn't have kids, coz he asked N to read the words. Erm, he doesn't know how to read yet lor…

He also gave him these cute mascot stress balls, after he completed the hopscotch there. Not like he could do it properly la, but there were no other kids there anyway, so I think he didn't mind giving a set to N. Think I'm gonna use them as "target practice"!

Trains made of Lego.

Buses! The one on the left is so retro! Hahaha. I remember taking it when I was a student, and sweating buckets in it.

N was disappointed that there weren't any trains or buses in the gift shop that we could buy.

This was his fav part of the exhibit.

"Sit next to me, mummy, so that I can drive you to the MRT station!"

Very busy driving.

No idea why this made him so happy. He's got a steering wheel at home, but somehow, it's not the same, I guess.

No photos of the rest of the place, because N wasn't very interested. Think it's more suitable for older kids? There were some videos to watch, but N wasn't very engaged.

Went to Daiso at City Square Mall, and bought a couple more things! Heehee.

The silicon mat is for my friend, who wants to use it for her little girl, when they eat out. Super difficult to find it, and there were only two or three more when I was there, so I helped her to get it.

Got the broom and dustpan for N, so that he can help to sweep the floor at home. This set is slightly shorter, which is easier for him to manage.

Got N to build two Duplo cars after his nap, because…

I wanted to let him do some car ramp painting!

His "masterpiece"

After painting, he had to wash the cars.

This car wash guy isn't very good. Just kept rolling the cars up and down in the water, instead of trying to wash the paint away.

Maybe more bubbles will help…

After that, he just ended up playing with the water and bubbles. Haha. At least he had fun!

We were both wearing sunglasses, and our Leo Lionni tees, so I thought we should take a wefie in the car! Don't worry, was at the traffic light when I took this. First time I took a wefie in the car! Haha.


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